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Probate Valuations

Probate valuations can be provided FREE OF CHARGE to UK Solicitors.

How much does it cost?

Premier Clients charge £5 for each line of stock valued (subject to a minimum fee of £20) however should the shares subsequently be sold through Premier Clients Low Cost share dealing service, the valuation charge is waived or else refunded in full.

How do I obtain a valuation?

Simply write to Premier Clients detailing the shares you wish to be valued and the date of death or alternatively enclose copy share certificates or tax vouchers and leave the rest to us!

In addition to providing a valuation, if copy Death Certificate is provided, we will also write to the Registrar of each company concerned for verification of the correct holdings, notifying them of the death of the shareholder and advising them of the Solicitors contact details. This service is provided at no additional cost to yourselves.

How will I receive my valuation?

Valuations are provided via first class post although copies can also be forwarded via fax or e-mail.

When will I receive my valuation?

From receipt of instruction, valuations are normally provided within 2 working days. If verification of holdings is required however, they may take up to 3 weeks depending on the speed of response by each Registrar.

How do I then sell the portfolio?

Enclosed with the valuation will be the appropriate forms, part completed, to facilitate disposal.  

These forms  should be completed and signed by the Executors/Administrators and returned to our office together with the original Share Certificates, sealed office copy Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration and Executor's/Administrator's certified copy Identification Documentation.

Premier Clients will then lodge the Grant of Probate with each respective Registrar. This service is again provided free of charge.

On confirmation each Registrar has updated their records, Premier Clients will proceed with the disposal of shares on behalf of the Estate and furnish you with Contract Notes.

When will I receive payment?

On settlement of the trades, payment will be forwarded via BACS to the Bank Account nominated on our Application Form.

Further information.

For further information concerning the sale of shares, transfer of shares, lost share certificates and replacement dividend cheques, please see the Probate Disposals section of our website or else contact us as follows;


By Post;

Premier Clients (Swansea) Limited

St Helens House

156 St Helens Road



By Telephone;

01792 459666

By Fax;

01792 459667

By E-mail;





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