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Share Dealing Fees

For an application pack simply call 01792 459666 and the appropriate forms will be posted to you by first class post.

Charges (As from 1st September 2019)

UK Equities 1% (minimum £40) Eg. Trade value £2,000 - Fee £40.00; Trade value £8,000 - Fee £80.00

Overseas Equities 2% (minimum £100) Eg. Trade value £2,000 - Fee £100.00; Trade value £8,000 - Fee £160.00

Stamp Duty 0.5% on all purchases (rounded up to the nearest 1p for CREST-settled transactions and to the nearest £5 for non CREST-settled transactions)

1% on all purchases of Irish Securities (rounded up to nearest 1p)

PTM Levy Panel on Takeovers and Mergers levy £1, on buys and sells over £10,000

Account Management Fees    FREE (£40 per annum if no trades placed in previous 3 years)

BACS settlement   FREE 

Cheque Settlement   £25.00

Handling/Submission of Grant Of Probate, Letters Of Administration or Death Certificate    FREE

Requesting/handling of outstanding payments from Registrars FREE

Duplicate Contract Notes    FREE

Duplicate Consolidated Tax Certificates £15

CHAPS Settlement £25

Euro CHAPS/International transfers in or out €35

Dollar CHAPS/International transfers in or out $40

Materialisation of nominee stocks into certificates £17.50 per stock

Stock transfer out to another nominee £17.50 per stock

Transfers by Debit Card   FREE

Annual Consolidated Tax Certificates   FREE

Stock Transfer in via certificate FREE

Stock Transfer in via nominee FREE

Stock Custody   FREE

Completion/Submission of Stock Transfer Forms  £10 each

Completion/Submission of Forms A, B or E to Registrar £10 each

Completion/Submission of Indemnity Forms £10 each

Late settlement correspondence  £30

Dividend collection FREE

Corporate action processing £10.00

Compliance charge per transaction £15 (UK) and £15 (overseas)

Transfer in of American stock via DRS £100.00 each

Transfer in of Australian Stock £200.00 each


Share Dealing Fees
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